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.: [link] RuneScape Mini-ScoreFetch :.
.: Lang: PHP4+, HTA, ECMA-Script
A miniaturized display for runescape hiscore lookups. Tailored to be as small and functional as possible without impeding ones view while it is up. Simply hover the mouse pointer over a skill icon for a tip-box containing that skills rank, total exp, and exp remaining for next level. Additionally, it caches all lookups to reduce hiscore queries and marks each cached lookup as such with a provided option to users to refresh the result.

.: [link] Mini Q-Calc :.
.: Lang: ECMA-Script
A miniaturized calculator for quick calculations without taking up much desktop realstate. Does not have keypad support.

.: [link] ForumBoard Development :.
.: Lang: PHP4+
(Development Halted) An attempt at making a homebrew message board from scratch aimed at portability, speed, and swift loading on low bandwidth connections. It does not use any form of SQL database but rather a form of FlatFile DataBase which makes it usable on non-SQL hosts. It's appearances are very loosely based on multiple message boards so, it will have a somewhat familiar feel to some. It has yet to have an official naming schema although it might use the projected name 'PortaBoard' due to its' portability and compatibility.

.: [link] Tiny RuneScape Client :.
.: Lang: HTA
An exact duplicate of the RuneScape client made by Jagex LTD. The difference however is that this is a mere 259 bytes in size compared to 120kb (120,000+ bytes) like the official RuneScape client. Additionally works on microsoft windows using IE5.0 and higher (official requires 6.0 or higher and has no scrollbars on IE5).
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