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.: About Myself :.

Not much to say about myself really. I'm just a person traveling between family alot who dabbles in webdev and computer maintenance as a personal hobby. I do have alot of junk on my mind and possible mental issues I've to deal with so.. I guess these are more of my outlet to keep my mind off of it all.

.: About RakingWinds :.

RakingWinds is a recent attempt to create a functional personal/general purpose site for myself. It had been in the thought process for several years and is now finally coming to fruition. I was never one who had a very creative side and so ended up putting this off long ago due to lack of thought/idea/creativity.

The basic idea of RakingWinds is to keep true to my original rules. Rules which put priority on small size for swift loading on even the slowest of connections and compatibility across many legacy browsers whilst keeping a pleasant appearance.

The site name was decided upon finally due to the words 'RakingWinds' and 'Lovelor' pounding through my mind after an odd-as-ever dream one night. Used the name RakingWinds as you see here, however; I've yet to find any relevance nor significance toward the word 'Lovelor'. *scratches head*

.: About the MechWarrior Resource Depot (MWR) :.

The MWR was the second of my sites during my self learning of web-based languages/site development. At the same time I had also gotten very heavily involved with the MechWarrior Gaming Genere community. So the two melded tgether to form more of a personal notebook / tip site which slowly evolved into a public MechWarrior 2/3/4(pr-1) resource/tip site covering many aspects. While not too popular, it did compete well with some of the existing mechwarrior fan-sites.

However, during my learning I'd gotten way too carried away with using javascript to reduce download/code size and other non-standard methods to cut corners quite heavily. It remained functional but became a code abomination which slowly became harder and harder to manage and maintain. Even more it became less and less compatible with older browsers due the overuse of javascript.

It remains as it does today but currently offline due to lack of net service and a desktop to keep it hosted off of at the moment.

.: What do I use for WebDev and how did I learn? :.

I've actually been asked this a couple times so figured I'd throw this in here. Long ago, I learned using 'Frontpage Express 3.0'. Used to put what I wanted and referenced the code to see what did what and how. The more I learned the more I got used to editing the pure HTML it produced and seeing the results. I did this on/off for a couple years at least and migrated toward notepad. Nowadays I use frontpage only as a reference/refresher point in the event I'd forgotten something which is a rare occasion (but it happens! I AM human ya know :P).

Nowadays I tend to stick to 5 simple programs:

  • TheGun (Coding)
  • MSPaint (Detail/General basework)
  • PaintShop PRO 7.0b (Touchups/Format Conversion)
  • Abyss WebServer (WebServices)
  • Windows 98 (Second Edition)

... and various internet browsers of differing versions for compatibility checking during testing. As for what languages I know... I work with HTML, CSS, Java/ECMA-Script, and PHP.

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