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** If you came here from a redirect to the mechwarrior resource depot, it is back up but transfer throttled.
** You may find it at the following link: MechWarrior Resource Depot

** NOTICE!! There may be several 404 errors across the site due to the move between platforms [File casing differences].
As a result, there may also be a host of other issues that will crop up over time.
This will be resolved over time and will be logged as they occur for fixing so please bare with me.

** Host Transitions
We are now back up and running in a reliable state as I'm now using a VERY compact web server for 24/7 access (an old storage modded linksys router actually).

** Miscellaneous
Why 'RakingWinds' you ask? Well, that's the interesing part ... had an odd dream one night and wokeup with 'RakingWinds' and 'Lovelor' pounding in my mind. Since I've been deciding on a potential name for years for a new frontend/site, 'RakingWinds' naturally felt suitable at this time. Therefor I've been building on that idea since then. I hope to further develop this more in the future as my interests and time are available to do so.

However, I've yet to discover any significance nor relevance to 'Lovelor' at all...

RakingWinds 'Flow-Style' (c) 2008 - Chozo4
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